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Met vriendelijke groeten

Piet Voets

Briluil (pulsatrix perspicillata)Onverwant kweekpaar van 2005. Alleen voor ervaren kwekers. Als ze zitten te broeden zijn ze niet meer te koop.Zitten te broeden dus weer te koop na broedseizoen. Inruil tropische duiven o.a manenduif/kroonduif etc. mogelijk. Bruine bosuil (strix leptogrammica)Onverwant kweekpaar van 2003 met onverwante vrouw van 2008. Als ze zitten te broeden zijn ze niet meer te koop. Zitten te broeden dus weer te koop na broedseizoen.Alleen voor ervaren kwekers. Inruil braziliaanse dwerguiltjes/tropische duiven mogelijk. Siberische oehoe. (Bubo bubo sibericus) Gesekst. ouders wildvang, dus 100% zuivere vogels. Man 2003 - Vrouw 2007. Volgend jaar broedrijp.

Things you did not know about owls

Often seen as wise and full of calmness, owls are nothing more than animals, but they still have, as such, a truly unusual aura floating around them. That is why you can see an owl to be the old person full of wisdom in many cartoons. But still, owls are incredible animals with no similar animal and not even bird species, so they are in some way unique.

Many people think owls have great eye sight, but they are wrong. Owls see good, when it comes to quality, but they can only use binocular vision on objects in front of them, on their left and right they only see monocular, and they cannot move their eyeballs, which makes them rotate their head to see things. Even then, they can see pretty good, because of their neck that compromises the lack of binocular sights, with the ability to rotate for 270 degrees. That is almost a whole circle and if you ever see them doing it, you will immediately think it is just like something from a horror movie, those paranormal activity ones would fit.

Unlike other birds, owls have three eyelids, one for cleaning the eye, one for sleeping, like all birds, and one, special pair just for blinking. Seems like blinking is a thing in the owl world also. Behind the eyes there are the ears that are so sensitive, that the owl can hear its prey even under the ground. Owls tend to live in the wildness but sometimes they come to city parks and stay there for a while, that happens in Amsterdam often, so take your friends or an Amsterdam escort from and go to the park, meet some owls. They swallow the smaller prays whole, but since they can't digest bones and some other parts of their bodies, they will regurgitate what's left. That's good for scientists because that way they can observe and determine the bird's diet and location.

Males are often, in the bird world, colored more richly and are bigger, but with owls that is not the case, the females are bigger, multicolored and even more aggressive than their partners. The next one is more a fun fact about the politic system and names, because many country's government's main body is called a parliament, which is the same name for a group of owls. What an interesting choose of words, and in some cases, disgrace for owls.

Some species have even feathers on their legs, to protect them from rat and snake bites. While others get really big, and big birds means big prey, so big that they even kill and carry an adult monkey or young warthogs.

They can be quite weird and sometimes cannibalistic, by eating others of their kind, but mainly different species. Combined with their big black eyes, the straight face and their ways to deform their body makes owls to one of the scariest animals, but still some of them are so cute that people even want them as pets.